Lace me up

Long Tall Sally sent me another item to try. The Crochet Lace Tunic. This is super late because they sent me this weeks ago but finally here it is.


I remember when it first came out, I was so excited and definitely wanted it. Opening the box and trying it on not so much. I thought that this was a lined lace top because of the pic on the site but it is not. It is a sheer lace tunic. You have to wear something underneath unless you want to show off your goodies. Also the color is different than pictured. I’m not sure if the one in the pic is just another color option that is not available right now. I received a size medium and as you can see it it is huge on me. It is not all bad though. The lace itself is pretty and the length of the sleeves and tunic is nice and great for a tall girl. I like the antique, vintage feel and I think this would be great for fall and winter with leggings, a wide belt and boots. I just feel like I am swimming in it and I am not sure a small would be any better. Now that I think about it, it could also be a nice beach cover up. (But $99 is a pretty expensive beach cover up. Just saying.)


My sister in the crochet lace tunic.

My mom likes the top so I let her keep it. That wasn’t a great idea because she is smaller than me. So she gave it to my sister since she is slightly bigger than the both of us. She says that it is still big on her but she likes the fit. “It is free-flowing and nice,” she says. So take that as you will.

This is purely my opinion. You may try the top and absolutely love it. Me, not so much.

Happy Shopping,


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