10 Things that annoy me

edI am in a sharing mood so I decided to write about the 10 things that annoy me. When I told my family this, they were like “What? Only 10? Everything annoys you.” As I sit here recovering from the shock, here are 10 (out of the many, apparently, things that annoy me).

1. People who walk too slow. I’ve already talked about this in my post Sidewalk Rage but it makes me so salty I had to include it on this list.

2. Spelling/grammar mistakes On my FB timeline, or generally browsing the Internet I see major offenses to the English language. I sit there reading this stuff and go really guys? I can’t pretend that I am a grammar expert or super speller but I’m like, why are you misspelling simple words? And don’t get me started on the misuse of they’re/their/there and the like.

3. People who talk too loud/too much. I am a naturally quiet, introverted person so that is definitely a personality clash when it comes to loud people. To me being loud for no reason is so obnoxious and attention seeking. I can’t stand it. And for people who talk too much, they are the worst. I don’t have the patience to listen to you go on and on and on about basically nothing.

4. People standing too close. I hate crowded spaces, cramped cars and etc. I don’t like people all up on me period. It gets on my nerves and puts me in a really bad mood. And forget about trying to wade through a crowd to get somewhere. I hate it when people are too close and you to turn around or reach in your pocket or something and you accidentally hit someone. And they dare get mad at you. Duh! You are too close! It’s not my fault. I have a large wingspan; like an eagle. You wouldn’t get too close to an eagle would you? Exactly.

5. Lack of selection on shoe sites. These certain sites claim to have large size shoes. You see all these beautiful shoes and think “Yes, I found somewhere to get cute shoes for me!” Then you refine the selection to say a size 12 or a 13 and all you are left with is ugly clogs, orthopedic shoes, and tennis shoes. Makes me so mad.

6. People who tell me that “you are tall enough already, why are you wearing heels?” Get out of my face with that foolishness.

7. I know it shouldn’t annoy me as much as it does. But it gets on my nerves when people confuse me and my sister. Like they will talk to me like they would talk to her. Like asking me how much longer I have left in school. Ummm…I graduated from college 3 years ago. Turn off your auto-pilot and actually look at me. We have two different faces. I get it we’re both tall and we’re sisters so we look alike, but still… I guess it annoys me because we are two different people. What, am I too boring and nondescript that you can’t tell me apart from a completely different person? Like I said, I know I am reading too much into it but it still gets under my skin.

8. Height hounds yelling at me. A lot of times when I’m walking to lunch or walking to the Metro or in the grocery store or etc, strange men like to yell things at me. Do you really think that yelling at me would get me to go out with you? Just stop.

9. Asking me 20 questions about my height/badgering me about why I don’t play basketball. Sample conversation: “Oh you’re so tall! Do you play basketball?” No. “Aww why not?” Because I don’t want to. “Why not? All you have to do is stand there!” *Cue rolled eyes*. I already told you I don’t play. Why do you have to pry? What explanation do I have to give to get you off my back? What about: I got bad knees. I’m afraid of big rubber balls. I don’t like confrontation. I decided to pursue a career in ballet instead. It’s looking very promising.

10. When short girls complain about how tall they are. Really chick, really?

As you can see, I don’t like people very much. LOL What are some things that annoy you? Share them in the comments!



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