A Day in the Life of a Tall Girl (in Gifs)

So I have spent a considerable amount of my free time, especially on my lunch breaks, on Tumblr and Buzzfeed. And I became inspired to do my own Buzzfeed-esque list for us Junoesque ladies.

For my list I decided to illustrate 15 things that happen almost every day in the life of a tall girl using gifs. I know, it’s something a little different but I hope you like it. Here we go:

1. You are rocking your fiercest heels and are just fabulous as usual.


2. And then someone has the audacity to ask, “Why are you wearing heels? You are tall enough already!” And you’re like:

3. Like usual, you are going along minding your own business, in line for some coffee let’s say, and someone thinking themself clever, says something dumb like: “How’s the weather up there?” And you’re like:

4. Or they decide to appease their curiosity by asking, “How tall are you?”

5. Or exclaim “You’re really tall!”



6. And they always have to ask the million dollar question: “Do you play basketball?”

7. Then there are the height hounds who like to “hunt” tall girls. They give us their best look.

8. And give us their best line, like ” I love tall women!” or “You’re a “tall glass of water and I’m thirsty” and you try your best not to:

9. But all you do is:

10.  When a stranger asks you to get something off of a high shelf. You look at them like:

11. When you see a cute guy taller than you

12. When you find cute shoes in the store or online in your size

13. When you see cute shoes online or in the store and they are NOT in your size

14. When people stare at you, you’re like:

15. When you tell a “normal” person that you got tall by drinking a lot of milk when you were younger or was the subject of medical experiments and they believe you.


A nice change of pace from the usual posts I think. How’d you enjoy my Buzzfeed-lite post? Do you agree with any of my list? Let me know below!



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