The Tall Girl Experience in Gifs

So after my first gif post, Day in the life of a Tall Girl (in Gifs), Sheri from Love my Long Legs said I HAD to do another one, so here I am. This is simply a continuation of the last one. More stuff that happens to us lovely Junoesque illustrated with gifs.

1. When you’re stuck behind someone walking at a snail’s pace and you actually have somewhere to be.

2. When some random dude tries to measure his height next to yours, and tries to tell you that you are not the height you say you are.

“I’m 6’0″, so you must be like 6’5” or something.

3. When you hear people complaining about hard it is for them to find clothes and/or shoes.

I can’t.

4. When you are stuck in a seat in an airplane, or any other mode of transportation with no leg room.

5. When the short person in your group of friends won’t give up the passenger seat for you and/or won’t move the seat up.

Obviously they are not a real friend.

6. When people talk about you like you can’t hear them.

*side eye*

7. Watching a short person try to get something off a high shelf…


8. …And they actually get it!

9. When people see you get up from a chair not realizing how tall you are.

10. When you lock eyes with the only tall guy in the room…

11. …the crowd parts and the angels sing… and then you see his short girlfriend standing next to him.

12. When someone says, “I wish I was as tall as you.”

13. When someone asks, “Where do you get your height from?”

Do you mean like, in a store?

14. When someone says that they know a tall guy who would be perfect for you

15. Or “My friend so-and-so is tall too, do you know them?”

Yeah, I know her. We went to the same school that every tall person in the world goes to.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time. TTFN (Ta Ta For Now!)


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2 responses to “The Tall Girl Experience in Gifs

  1. BWAHAHAHA! Love it! I can’t pick a favorite, they all made me giggle. But the guy after “people complaining about not finding clothes and/or shoes”… I do that everyday.


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