New shoes: Barefoot Tess and Payless

I felt I was a overdue for a new pair of shoes, so bought 2 new pairs last week.  I ordered the Christian Siriano Hero Pump in Berry from Payless and the Rocketdog Beany Boot in Tan from Barefoot Tess. Both in a size 13. If you remember I talked about both of these in the Pinterest Picks post from last week.

hero pump

First off let me say that Christian Siriano is a BOSS! I love his shoes. They are trendy, well made and go up to a 13! I am truly grateful for whoever’s decision it was to not only make his shoes available in a 13 but also stock them in Payless so that they are accessible AND a fraction of the cost of other designer shoes (i.e. Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors and etc). These particular beauties are called the Hero. They are currently on sale for $32.99 and for today only you can get FREE Shipping off purchases of $30 or more with the code ZZFREESHIP.

The Hero is a peep-toe zip-up pump with a criss-cross strap front. It is 4″ high and is faux suede. The soft animal print lining is gorgeous and other nice touches like the piece of fabric under the zipper that keeps you from snagging your heel when zipping up the zipper makes this a truly fabulous pump. I wore these to church yesterday with my dress from eshakti and the Hero matched beautifully. As far as comfort goes, they are heels so you can’t expect them to be that comfy, but these weren’t that bad. The Hero also comes in black.


Now on to the boots. Fall is coming soon, so I figured I should get some new boots. I decided on the Beany because of its military-esque, equestrian-like, post apocalyptic movie quality. I like to call the Beany boot “my Katniss boots” because they look straight out of The Hunger Games. I’m sure you all have read me talk about me wanting some military boots many times before and am really glad I finally found some. The Beany boasts 2 buckles and laces that go all the way up the boot. But don’t be afraid of all the laces, there is a zipper up the side for easy on and off. The Beany also comes in black and goes up to a size 14.

When I first put them on, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get them all the way up my calves because the zipper was getting a little tight but I got them up with no real issue. To alleviate some of the tightness at the top of the boot, I undid some of the laces and tied them a little looser. That helped a little but I might have to loosen them a bit more when I try to tuck my jeans into them.

This calf issue took me by surprise because I didn’t think my calves were that big nor have I had any issues getting my calves into boots before. Maybe it is just this pair or my calves are really that big….

I haven’t had the chance to wear them out yet because it is still hot here but I am so looking forward to it. These will look great with leggings, a long top, oversized sweater and scarf.



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2 responses to “New shoes: Barefoot Tess and Payless

  1. I get the calf issue too, it’s irritating. I think it’s a proportion issue – generally tall boots are too baggy around the ankle and tight around my calves because they’re too short. -_- I gave up and bought some Dr Martens.


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