[Cranky] Resting Face


I don’t see much of a difference do you?!

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I saw this viral video a while ago that details a condition called [Cranky] Resting Face aka Chronic [Cranky] Face. (If you notice the video uses another word to describe this “disease” but I will not use it here because I keeps it classy up in this piece.) Now I know why people tell me to smile when I’m just standing there minding my own business or friends telling me I looked mean when they first met me or my mother always asking me what’s wrong when I am feeling just fine. I have cranky resting face.

What is Cranky Resting Face you may be wondering? Basically, when my face is just relaxed without any emotion at all it can be confused for sadness or crankiness. People assume that I’m upset about something when I’m actually happy, not really feeling anything at all, or the sun is just in my eyes. I could be just thinking about something and it can be misconstrued that I have an attitude. Now add my imposing stature to my “mean” face and I can see why I am just a little intimidating.

Needless to say, it can be frustrating when your emotions are misread and people make assumptions. And I don’t know how many times complete strangers have told me that I should smile. But I’m like, “Why are you all up in my face? How does my not smiling affect your life in any way?”

I told my discovery to my mother. But Moms is not buying it. She said that I seriously need to keep a different face. (I think she is the #1 misreader of my face.) But I can’t help it. It is just how my face is. What can I do? Smiling all the time is tiring so I don’t. Plus, people who are super cheery and smiley all the time tend to annoy me so why would I do that?

Some famous cranky resting face sufferers include Benedict Cumberbatch, Victoria Beckham, McKayla Maroney and Grumpy Cat. At least I know am not alone in this.

Do I have any fellow Cranky Resting Face sufferers out there? Leave me a comment!

I’m not angry I promise. TTYL,


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3 responses to “[Cranky] Resting Face

  1. Too funny. I recently read an article about Cranky Resting Face on another blog. It cracked me up. I’ve definitely had friends tell me I look ticked before when it’s just my normal, everyday face. So now I try to walk around looking all pleasant but I probably look like a weirdo when doing that…who knows…


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