My High Waisted Jeans

High waist jeans have been popular for a while now but I had yet to find any in my size or long enough for me. I wanted them so bad but they always alluded me. But then a miracle happened: I found the S&P by Standards and Practices High Waist Skinny Jean from Alloy. I ordered a size 15 with a 37″ inseam in black. Thank you Alloy for making a Tall girl’s life! I really like these jeans.

These jeans are lovely. They fit well (much better than I expected) and are very comfortable; not too tight. I initially thought that maybe I wouldn’t be able to get them up over my bottom because I thought that maybe the waist would be more cinched in but it is not. So I got them up with no problem whatsoever. The S&P’s have a little stretch in them so they are a little forgiving in that regard. And the inseam is just right.


forgive the cranky face…

My usual complaint with jeans still holds true with these: they are little big in the waist so I need to wear a belt. And because they are too big in the waist, I get the extra fabric bunch in the front which I hate but I’ll get over it. And because they are black jeans, they attract lint like nobody’s business.

I think my favorite part of these jeans is the fact that they cover my love handles. The top of jeans hits right at my belly button so no muffin top in these babies. Maybe I can even wear those shirts I have that are a little short. Button ups also look great tucked in to these jeans. I love the pairing of my yellow polka dot top with my new high waist jeans. So chic.

the buttons

the buttons

I also love the multiple button closure. I think that is what makes these not like a mom-jean (which I was also a little concerned about) but have a more vintage-y feel to them. I like how the S&P’s look like they took the top of a couple of different jeans and added them on to this one. They even have two rows of belt loops. Maybe you could wear two belts at once?

I think I want these in the regular denim and I also want some high waist bootcuts too (I just have to find some first).

Apparently these are really popular because both the dark blue denim and black are on backorder. The blues will be available on 10/23 and the blacks on 11/17. If you want them, I suggest you put your order in now or you might have to wait even longer for them. The price ranges from $39.90 to $44.90.

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