Crazy for Prints!

I went on another spending spree at ASOS and lucked upon some gems! I got the ASOS Midi Dress in Mosaic Print and ASOS Midi Dress in Vintage Floral Print with Pleated Skirt both in a size 12. I love these dresses because they get me out my usual basic color dresses. I don’t have a lot of prints and patterns in my closet, but after these beauties, I’m going to have to get more. The prints are so beautiful on these and nothing like anything I own. I am obsessed.

vintage floral

ASOS Midi in Vintage Floral

The ASOS Midi Dress in Vintage Floral with Pleated Skirt is a lovely sleeveless, lightweight dress made with a really soft and plush fabric. It is so comfy. The pattern reminds me of a Mexican or Aztec print or something like that and the colors are so pretty. The dress is a deep blue that looks almost purple in the light with spots of lime green, orange, yellow, pink and white. The pattern uses very geometric, polygon shapes but also organic shapes like little flowers and hearts. The dress came with a thin brown belt and it comes in sizes 0-14.

The hem of the dress just brushes my knees which is nice. The pleats of the skirt is the icing on the cake. You all should already know I have a serious thing for pleats. And the button closure on the back is a sweet detail.


Work Outfit

I wore it to work last week with a brown cardigan and my Steve Madden Tailor flats in Cognac from Barefoot Tess to go with the belt.

ASOS Midi Dress in Mosaic Print

ASOS Midi Dress in Mosaic Print

The print on the ASOS Midi Dress in Mosaic Print reminds me of an Indian or Middle Eastern pattern. It is so gorgeous and exotic. I think this one is my favorite out of the two. I absolutely love the mustard yellow, (LOVE, LOVE) rich crimson and navy colors incorporated into the design. The colors complement my skin tone so well.

The hem hits almost mid calf on me and the skirt swishes around me when I walk. I love that. The dress is made with a thin, almost linen like material that has been great for these 80 degree October days. It has a zip up back with a high neckline. One thing that bothered me about this dress throughout the day though, is that the neckline would shift and get a little tight around my neck. I had to keep adjusting it. But it wasn’t a big deal. The dress comes in sizes 0-14 and measures 47.25″ long.

Work Outfit

Work Outfit

I wore it to work last week with my mustard studded cardigan from Modcloth and my Cognac flats. I got a ton of compliments from my coworkers when I wore this. Someone even said that I always looks so cute. That made me smile. Just because I am tall, doesn’t mean I can’t look good.

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