HBD to Me!: 10 Random Facts Pt 1

In celebration of my birthday on the 6th, I decided that for today and for every day leading up to the 6th, I am going to share 10 random facts about me.

Here we go for the first 10 facts.

1. I have never been outside the country. I’ve been off the East Coast but I really want to go to France and England before I die. I think it would be awesome to live in London.

2. I am an old soul. I love old music, movies, vintage clothing. And I don’t like staying out/staying up too late.

3. I love potatoes. No I mean LOVE. Everything potato. Fries, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, baked potatoes. Love it all.

4. I love cheeseburgers and fries. For a while, when I was kid whenever we went out to a restaurant, I would get a burger and french fries. It did not matter what restaurant. It’s sad really. But I knew what I wanted.

5. I was born with sickle cell trait.

6. I was born with gray eyes. It scared my mother to death. Unfortunately there are no photos of this; I would have loved to see it.

7. I HATE the smell of cigarette smoke and the taste of alcohol. Needless to say I was never tempted in my teenage years to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Plus my parents would kill me.

8.  I am an introvert. I’ve never liked parties and I don’t like small talk and crowds.

9. I am a huge cry baby. I cry when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m angry. And if I see someone crying, I’ll cry too.

10. I hate mayonnaise and anything with mayonnaise in it. That includes salad dressing, chicken salad. Ugghh..

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 10 Random facts!

See you tomorrow and Happy Almost Birthday to Me!


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