Jumpsuit for Joy | Jessica Alba

jessica-alba-290 I have another celebrity outfit recreation for you (Woo hoo I’m on a roll!).

For those new to the blog, occasionally I like taking celebrity and blogger outfits I find on Pinterest and recreate them for us tall girls. (You can check out past recreations here.) I specifically try to find similar pieces to the ones pictured but items that tall girls can wear. I mean, tall girls want to look good too right?

This is an outfit worn by Jessica Alba. I really like how it looks comfortable but not sloppy. The low neckline adds a tiny bit of sex appeal while the pumps and blazer keep it classy.

Scroll down for my version and as always, you can find the link to each item below.



Jumpsuits are very popular now and there are a number of tall sized options out there, but the one I chose for this outfit is the Spoon Jumper from Alloy in Cobalt Blue. I like it because it has a similar neckline to hers even down to the thin strap going across the chest. The color of this jumper is not as deep as the one pictured but it is still a pretty shade of blue.

The shoes are from Payless. I couldn’t find ones with the little embellishment on the toe like Jessica’s but these ones from Payless are white and pointed toe like hers. The heels that Jessica is wearing also don’t look that high and neither are these; they are only 3″. And the best part: they go up to a size 13.

The blazer is from Banana Republic. Unfortunately, it is not tall sized but I loved the look of it and the color. It looks very much like the one in the picture. It is a little on the pricey side so I also included the link to a blazer from H&M. It only comes in black. Links to everything are below.

Spoon surplice Jumper in Cobalt Blue $49.90-56.60 sizes S-XXXL 37″ inseam

White Sateen Blazer $158 from Banana Republic sizes 2-14 or Tuxedo Jacket from H&M sizes 4-12 $34.95

Women’s Mrs. Pointed Toe Pump from Payless $29.99 up to size 13

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments.



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