LTS Camden Skinny

Long Tall Sally is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the tall fashion world especially with it’s recent team-up with Barefoot Tess. And they were nice enough to send me these jeans a while ago for review. I received the Camden Skinny in the Stone Wash Medium Blue. I got them in a US 14/UK 18 with a 36″ inseam. When choosing what I wanted to try, I thought that a girl can never have too many jeans and I wanted to pick a wash that I normally wouldn’t choose. Most of my jeans are dark and I wanted to try something new with the lighter wash. Just to y’know shake things up and add a little more diversity in my closet.


Not a fan of the big splotch of white.

The Camden Skinny comes in a number of different washes including black, dark indigo and red pepper and has two inseam options: 36 and 38″. And goes up to a size 16.

Overall I like the wash of the Stone Wash Medium Blue. I like how the jeans look aged and weathered. But I think I can do without the bright white spots on the thighs and underneath the butt. These are not exactly the smallest areas of my legs, and I don’t necessarily want to draw attention to them.

As far as the fit, they were a little tight and stiff, especially in my thighs, when I first got them; it was a little bit of a struggle to get them on. But luckily, they loosened up a little by the end of the day. Hopefully, with more wear they will get a little looser. Or I could do one of two things: exercise more in the hopes that my thighs will reduce in size or I can order the next size up. But there are problems with both of those. My thighs have always been big so I wonder if exercise will really help and lipo is definitely out of the question. And the next size up will probably be TOO big as the waist on these is already very loose, so much so that I end up with a HUGE gap in the back. If you have been a reader of mine for a while, you know that is just my plight when it comes with jeans. It comes with being tall AND curvy I guess. I just have to suck it up and wear a longer shirt like I usually do.IMG_2746_crop

Okay back to what you came here for: the jeans. The length is fine. Pretty much as expected. Like I mentioned above, the inseam is 36″ and there is no danger of flooding here. But, I actually prefer to roll these up because #1 it is warming up here and #2 because the jeans are a bit baggy at the ankles which I don’t think is very flattering on me.

So what’s the verdict? All in all, I like the jeans, they are great quality and I know that they won’t fall apart anytime soon, but the fit could be better and I will stick to what I know with the dark wash jeans.

I hope this review was helpful!



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