Elayna’s Life: An Update

I know, I know I have been very lax when it comes to posting here on the blog. I know I have said that I have been busy, but I figured you all deserved to know exactly what I have been busy with.

You may or may not know that I am a graphic designer by trade and the last couple of months I have been doing a lot of graphic design projects. I am not complaining by any means. This is what I love to do. But I just have to figure out how to manage both; my job as a designer and my job as a blogger.

So what exactly have I been working on?


The biggest project I have been working on recently is with Taller Than Your Average (TTYA). If you don’t know, TTYA is a London based tall clothing company who recently celebrated their first product launch in the States at Barneys New York. Irene, the owner, needed a bunch of pieces to promote the launch. I created everything from a little zine detailing the history of TTYA, invite and even Instagram videos. You can check out everything on my website here.


Sneak peek of the zine


Launch dinner menu

Tote Bag

Tote Bag

My Disney Princesses

I wrote in my last “Where you have been?” post that I started drawing again. Well I am finally ready to show you what I have been drawing. Honestly, I haven’t been consistent, but at least I have made progress.


My Disney Princesses (from left: Belle, Ariel and Snow White.)

I call this series, “My Disney Princesses.” I love Disney Princesses but have always been struck by the lack of Princesses that look like me. So I decided to change that and make my own version of the Disney Princesses. They are still not complete though; I still have a bit of tweaking and cleaning up to do, but I figured you’d get the gist. Have you noticed that I don’t like drawing hands?

Also, I just joined a local graphic design firm and I will be doing some freelance projects for them. I can not tell you enough how beyond excited I am. My 9 to 5 job can get a little tedious with designing the same things over and over again. It is not that I am ungrateful for my job but this side gig will allow me to have the much needed creative outlet I need. The extra income is just icing on the cake.

And taking these freelance projects will allow me to accomplish my dream to become a nationally, no scratch that, internationally recognized and respected design firm. But first, I have to put my name out there which is very hard for me. I am used to being in the background; behind the scenes. So waving my arms around going “look at me!”, “hire me!”, “I’m the best!” is NOT easy. Sometimes you have to be your own biggest fan/publicist/marketer. If you wait for others to spread the word about you, you might be waiting a long time. So I have to go out and get the projects. I can’t wait for them to come to me. But then there is that painful process of applying for an opportunity that you REALLY want and they reject you or worse, you hear nothing at all. But I always thank God for keeping that door closed because I don’t know what is on the other side of it and what He is keeping me from. And I am reminded that HE is ordering my steps and He’s got it.

So that’s what’s been going on with me these last couple of months. So…what’s been going on with you fabulous ladies? You good?



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    On Today’s Spotlight Saturday, I will be putting the spotlight on my older Sister Elayna and the graphic design work she has done. Read a recent post she did that will show how talented and hard-working she is.

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