Royal Lines-Geometric Nail Art

When it comes time to do my nails, I always vacillate in what I want to do. Blue? Green? Purple? So many choices! This time, I decided to do a geometric look.


I was inspired by this look but I wanted to use a neutral base color with a black geometric pattern. I love the color combination of the pinky-nude with the stark black.

The supplies

The supplies

First I start with my base coat. I use Essie Millionails. My nails are weak and easily broken and Millionails helps to strengthen them underneath the nail color.


Then I applied 3-4 coats of Sally Hansen’s Royal Blush. It is a little sheer but it builds up to opaque.


I use my thumbs and wrists to keep my hands from shaking. And when I start a line, I try not to stop. This way, the lines are smooth. Also, don’t be afraid to make a mistake or get a little messy.

To make the pattern, I used Kiss Nail Art Paint brush. Working with a brush is tricky but I have a few quick tips. First, I swirl the brush in the opening to get any excess paint off. My hands tend to shake so I usually rest the finger I am painting on my thumb and/or I rest my wrists on each other to help keep my hands stable. When drawing the line, try not to stop or hesitate. This will create smooth lines.

IMG_2866To create the dots, I just used an old pen.

Once the pattern is dry, I top it off with Out the Door topcoat. The pattern must be dry, or the topcoat will make it bleed. I let the topcoat dry for about a minute, then I fill a large bowl with ice water and dip my nails in it until I can’t take the cold anymore (about 2-3 minutes). I got this trick from Pinterest. It dries your nails fast so you can go about your day. I don’t have the patience to wait for my nails to dry.


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