Crazy Taxi

On the night of Monday June 23, I was in a car accident. The cab I was riding in, after hitting one car, for some reason it appears that the accelerator stuck and we sped off for about a mile before we ended up in a ditch on the side of the road.

A terrifying experience indeed, but I discovered a few things. This was my first time in a major accident, riding in an ambulance and going to the emergency room so forgive me if these things aren’t new to you.

1. Paramedics are required to take people to the hospital if their cars end up in ditches to make sure there are no neck or spinal injuries. In order to transport you, they put you on a hard, flat board called a baseboard, put what seems like a wrestling helmet on your head and strap you down with a million straps and buckles to stabilize your body and prevent further injury. Of course, the baseboard was too short for me. The paramedics actually stopped their procedures and asked, “How tall are you?” “Oh!,” they said when I told them, “we thought it was the baseboard!” Nope it’s me. I’m sorta tall.

2. The paramedics had no problem lifting me, at least that’s how it felt from my end. I didn’t feel any shaking or straining to hold me up and walk with me. This allays my previous fear of passing out in public because my lack of faith that anyone would be able to lift me. These were trained professionals though. Not sure how many it took. Maybe 3-4? I didn’t have my glasses on. They were knocked off when we crashed.

3. Wearing sunglasses indoors is weird, not cool. Especially if you are strapped to a gurney. Like I mentioned above, my glasses were knocked off, so I couldn’t see anything which I don’t like at all. So I ended up asking one of the paramedics to put my sunglasses on for me since I was strapped down in the back of the ambulance and unable to move. At least 4 different people asked me why I had sunglasses on. From another paramedic, to the nurse, to the doctor, to my own mother. Everybody was giving me the side eye. What can I say? They are prescription and I need to see!

4. Another revelation, the emergency room bed was too small for me too. My feet were hanging off the edge. I’m not sure why I was so surprised. I wasn’t on it for that long so it was okay.

5. Wear a seat belt even in the backseat. I always buckle up in cabs just not anywhere else. I am so so grateful to God that I had it on. Yeah I got some scratches and pain from the seat belt but it could have been much worse without it.

6. Icy Hot and massage beds are miracles. I didn’t have any broken bones, thank God, but because I tensed up before we crashed, I am experiencing some residual muscle tension and pain. Icy Hot and massage beds have helped to soothe some of that tension.

7. There are still good people in the world despite what the news says. Two men who saw the crash ran to help me. One even stayed with me until the paramedics came. He helped to calm me down because I was definitely freaking out. The paramedics were also very nice. They took very good care of me and one even told really bad jokes to keep me laughing and calm. I am only sorry that I couldn’t see their faces. Thank you God for your angels that you sent to me in my time of need.

8. The whole crash was like Crazy Taxi the video game. I’m not sure if any of you know what I’m talking about, but Crazy Taxi is a fave game of me and my sister and it perfectly describes what the ride was like.

9. My Momma is a G. Straight up. I knew that already but it was further evidenced by the fact that she was fully prepared to get arrested in her mission to push her way through security to see me once I got to the hospital.

10. And my dad is a complete softie. He may be big and tough on the outside, but when he saw one of his girls in the hospital he absolutely melted. But he still is Papa Bear in that he wants justice and wants all responsible parties to pay. And I thank God for my sister who was there when I needed her.

God is so good and I thank Him for another day of life. I know I have a purpose because I am still here.

Until next time,

elayna name

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3 responses to “Crazy Taxi

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you! I’m glad to know your okay! Freak accidents like these always come out of nowhere. By the way, I love Crazy Taxi it was one of my favorite games too. I’m doing clinical rotations at a hospital and I see that they really don’t have accommodations for tall people but they do for plus-sized people. One time I had to go to the emergency department and since I’m only 20 I had to go to the pediatrics ED and my six foot tall body was so out of place!


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