Tall Blogger Meet Up + LTS Pop Up Shop

I recently had brunch with 2 amazing women: Naché from Tallook and Nadi from The Tall Muse before the LTS pop-up shop last Saturday. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed their company and great conversation over good food. When Naché posted the invite for tall women in the DC area to meet for brunch before shopping, I immediately responded. Honestly, I was more excited for the brunch and the opportunity to meet new people than shopping.



We met at Firefly, a small but apparently very popular cafe a couple of blocks down from the hotel where LTS was having the shop. We bonded over our shared plights as tall women, favorite places to shop and surprisingly similar careers. It was like a Tall Girl Think Tank because of our exchange of different ideas for our blogs and businesses. We decided that this shouldn’t be a one time thing and I look forward to next time we can meet. Maybe more local tall women can join in next time.

After brunch, Naché and I headed to the shop. (Nadi had already went before she came to the restaurant.) It is a welcome sight to see so many tall women in one place. I even commented to one that it is nice to actually be able to look another person in the eye without having to look down.

The selection of items was pretty fair. They had a few basic winter boots and one or two pairs of black pumps. I have to say, and I mean no harm, but I miss Barefoot Tess when they were a company all their own. They had this indie quality about them and I loved how they had such a wide selection of on-trend, kinda funky shoes especially in a size 13. Not to mention all the sales. I don’t pretend to know the circumstances of the decision so that is all I will say on that.

Back on topic: There was also a whole wall just for jeans. There were also some jackets and coats, tops, sweaters, pajamas and dresses. I was surprised that nothing from their line with TTYA was there, especially after the big promotional campaign for the launch.

I really didn’t see anything that I liked and I decided that the line for the fitting room was too long and it was too cold (aka I had too many layers to take off) to try anything on anyway. But like I said, the brunch was the major reason why I ventured out of the house on that cold Saturday morning so I wasn’t really in the mindset to go shopping.

Have you ever been to a LTS pop up shop before? How did you like it?

Until next time,

elayna name


3 responses to “Tall Blogger Meet Up + LTS Pop Up Shop

  1. They used to have a store in the town where I live, and I sorely miss it (they closed it last January). It felt so good to walk into a shop where everything fitted me and I had a choice. 😦


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