Be Shameless Boo

As you may or may not know, I resigned my full time job to focus on developing and getting my graphic design business off the ground. I can’t expect clients to magically appear and hire me so I have to put myself out there. I think I have said before that “putting my self out there” is hard for me. I have gotten used to being in the background. That is where I am comfortable. Plus I tend to overthink things. Like if I post about what I can do/art that I have done, I am always concerned that people will think that I am bragging, or even worse, that they think my work sucks. Uggh, I have to get out of my own head sometimes. I can’t be so worried about others think. How else are people going to know what I can do if I don’t tell them? Sometimes, you have to be your own cheerleader, PR/marketing person. In the words of Shameless Maya, “Be Shameless Boo.” And that is just what I plan to do.

Now you are probably wondering, “what is your point?” Well, in an effort to put myself out there, I joined Talenthouse which is an online community connecting clients to designers. They host a number of contests to give graphic designers, fashion designers, filmmakers, photographers, artists and illustrators a chance to create for big names like Paloma Faith, Stephen Fry and Stevie Nicks.

I entered their most recent contest to design a website background for recording artist Kiesza. I am pretty proud of my entry (below) and it would be great to win. Not only for the prize money, but it would be so awesome to be recognized as a winning designer. “Again, what is your point?” What I need from you is your votes. Could you please take a minute to vote for me? (I’ll be your best frieeennnd) The judges “pay special attention” to entries with lots of votes, and the one entry with the most votes gets a special cash prize. You can click the photo below to get to the voting page. Go now! Voting closes on November 17. Thanks in advance for your time and your votes! I truly appreciate it.


All shameless plugs aside. Do you have a dream that you are pursuing? I pray that you have the courage to step out and do you what you need to do to make it happen. Don’t let fear hold you back. Much love to all my tall (and short) entrepreneurs and go-getters out there. Do you already have a business? Tell me about it in the comments. Love you guys!


Until next time,

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