The Junoesque Closet: How we do it! Wait and Sea

The Junoesque Closet will serve as a guide to help our fellow Junoesque ladies to find stylish and fashionable clothes. Because as we all know, finding clothes to fit us is a serious hassle. So this is how we do it. I’ve listed each item below along with the link to where to find it if it is still available.

I do most of my shopping online. I find it is just easier and more convenient for me because most brick and mortar stores are less likely to stock my size. Sad but true.

ModCloth is definitely one of my top places to shop at. It has the vintage, quirky aesthetic that I like. Unfortunately, not all their dresses and skirts are long enough, but at least they list how long each piece is so you can know beforehand if the item will be long enough. This skirt is 26.5″ and just hits my knees. It would be nice if the skirt was a little bit longer, but I still like it.

I get most of my shoes from Payless. Payless have really stepped their shoe game up in recent years. Before, I would be hard pressed to find cute shoes in a size 12. But again, online is the way to go. I am more likely to find nice shoes online than to walk into a Payless store and find them.

The tights are HUE brand from Macy’s. HUE tights are awesome! They are long enough and they are long lasting. A nice tip for buying tights: Since the height chart does not represent women like me (over 6’0″ and less than 200 lbs), I usually get the plus size tights and just stretch them out lengthwise. For example,  I bought these HUE tights in a size 4 (6’0″ and 205-250 lbs).

All Aboard at Any Moment Top from Modcloth

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