Looks and Stares: A Comprehensive Guide

We as tall women get a lot of looks and stares. We all know that, it’s unavoidable. For your convenience, I’ve cataloged them into a few different categories. There is:

The slow pan up and down: This one people use to see if I’m wearing heels or not. They will look up at me then look at my feet. What do they expect to find, that I’m wearing stilts or something? Come on now. Or maybe their eyes can’t take me in all at once so they have to look at me a little bit at a time.

The double take: Otherwise known as the “Did I see what I think I saw?” Why yes, yes you did. Please don’t break your neck while trying to get a better look at me. Maybe I should put out a disclaimer: “I will not be liable for any damages. Nor am I legally responsible for your curiosity”. I think I’m gonna have to get that notarized. I got a triple-take once. I think that might be a record.

The height hound leer: Or the “Ooohhhh I looovvvee tall women” stare. I always seem to come across the creepy short dude who just LOVES tall women and can’t stop staring at me. I know I’m gorgeous and all, but please stop staring. It’s creeping me out, not to mention it’s impolite. I remember once I was on the train with my mother and this old man with no teeth sitting across from me would not stop looking at me. And he kept saying over and over how pretty I was, how beautiful my hands were and thanked me for looking so good that day. I would try my hardest to keep from looking at him, but he just kept talking. He said the most powerful men were short and even asked me for my number. My mom was like “Are you flirting with my daughter?”  Trying to get him to stop I guess. He said yes with no hesitation. Most awkward train ride ever. Did I mention it was my birthday that day?…Happy Birthday to me.

The shock and awe: My dad says his favorite part of going out to eat as a family is when we walk out of the restaurant together and people stop what they’re doing and look at us. Whether they are in the middle of a sentence or in the middle of a bite, they can’t help themselves. You know in the movies when everyone around you is frozen but you can still move? It’s like that. Every time. I can only imagine what’s it’s like for “those less fortunate” to see us walking around. I’m surprised the SWAT team hasn’t been called in yet for the “50 foot family”. That might be a good movie idea…

The not-so-subtle sideways glance: Or the undercover stare. Some times people try not to be rude and stare at me directly but I guess they can’t help but look. So they stare at me out the corner of their eye. But it doesn’t help anything because I can still see you looking at me. I don’t know but I think my height has made me super observant of people around me (Or maybe it’s just a part of my superhuman/alien powers.)

Hopefully, this helps you to decipher the many stares you get on a daily basis. Did I miss one? Let me know below!


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