I’m Honor-ed!

Beckie from Cause I said So was kind enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger award (thanks so much!) and with that comes some specific obligations. First I have to share 7 uncommon facts about me and then nominate 15 other bloggers and they will do the same. Sounds fun, right? Wow, 7 facts. This is a little difficult but here we go. In no particular order:

1. I skipped the first grade. I believe it was because I could already read at a higher level than the other kids. (l loved to read and still do!) and I remember taking a test which I aced I guess. I was only 6 I don’t remember every detail and my mother is no help. And because of that, I graduated from high school at 17 and college at 20. I was also taller than my first grade teacher. I distinctly remember being able to see over her head.

2. Clowns freak me out. I used to volunteer at a day care center and one day they brought a clown in. I made the mistake of looking at one close-up dead in the face and it scarred me for life.

3. I hate bugs that fly especially bees. Bees scare me. But I have had a weird fascination with caterpillars and earthworms since I was younger. One of my favorite pastimes was picking up caterpillars and scaring the other kids with them.

4. Me and my sister Myiesha did not get along when we were younger. We are complete opposites in personality. She is the talkative, outgoing one and I’m the quiet introvert.  Needless to say, we did not mesh well. She used to annoy me to no end! I just wished she would stop talking. And she was the typical little sister, she would follow me around and copy me which I hated. But as we’ve gotten older we appreciate each other more especially now that Eish is in a different state. We also have the same sense of humor.

5. I’ve never been on a roller coaster and I probably never will. Call me a wimp, I don’t care.

6. I love movies. Obsessively so. From kung fu movies like Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer to the old classics like The Thin Man and Bachelor Mother. Action movies, Romantic comedies, Animation I love it all (except for maybe westerns)

7. I hate coffee and coconut (especially together). I know being an adult and all, I’m supposed to drink coffee but I hate it. The taste, the smell, the look…ewww. And coconut is just gross. Oh yeah and Macaroni and cheese. I don’t like macaroni and cheese. I know that’s so un-American of me but I hate it.

Unfortunately, I do not follow that many blogs (sad I know) so I will choose 5 or 6. So here goes.

Who’s that Tall Lady Very funny stories about her experiences being a tall woman
Pretty Tall Style Great style and fashion advice for tall women
Tall Talks New tall blog on the scene. She deserves a little love
The Tall Blog One of the first tall blogs I read. She inspired me to create my own.
Tall Snob Great tips on where to find tall women’s clothes
TallSWAG She has also been a huge inspiration to me. Another one of the first tall blogs I read. She offers great tips on where to shop as well as her experiences

8 responses to “I’m Honor-ed!

  1. well if we weren’t already blogging friends, I’d say…let’s be friends! girl, I hate clowns too, you aren’t missing anything on roller coasters, and coffee makes me gag! thanks for playing along!


  2. How sweet!!!
    Ik will reblog this week, but thank you for this award!
    I can’t open TallSwag, did they stop with their blog? The others I didn’t know either, so I’ve some reading to do 😉



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