Watch your head!

Wouldn’t it be great if they actually did post these warning signs?

I am always hitting my head. It’s become an inevitability that in some point in my day, I am going to hit my head on something. (Further proof that we need to start our own tall-sized country or just all move to the Netherlands.) It amazes me how I have not seriously hurt myself or completely knocked myself out after the millions of times I have hit my head. My skull must be made of steel or something. It’s seriously a miracle.

Too low doorways are a constant nuisance. Hand rails on the ceiling of the train or low hanging signs are annoying. I have even hit my head on the hood above the stove a couple of times. And don’t even get me started on tree branches. It’s the worst when I’m walking with average-sized friends down the sidewalk and I see my life-long nemesis ready for a showdown. I either have to do the awkward duck (while everyone else has no problem) or walk around the tree completely, sometimes having to walk in the street. Why do the trees hate me so much? Jealous, maybe? It’s not my fault I’m tall too. Can’t we share the same space in peace? They just love smacking me in the face.

Why is it that I always hit my head on stuff? You would think I would’ve learned to avoid it by now. I guess I forget that I’m twice the size of the average person. An exaggeration, I know, but it definitely feels like it sometimes. I think maybe I don’t realize how tall I am compared to other objects or I just don’t duck down low enough. Especially when I stand up from sitting and I misjudge how high up the TV or handrail is above me. I stand up and run smack dab into it. Do you want to know what the best part is? When you hit your head on something in public and you have to act like it didn’t really hurt. And then you have to wait until you are out of sight to grasp your head in pain. Awkward.

Have you ever ducked when you really didn’t need to?¬† Self-preservation I call it. I rather look like an idiot and duck just in case and not duck and give myself a concussion. Anyone else considering wearing a helmet on an everyday basis? Y’know to prevent any further damage.

It pays to be proactive,


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