What I Wore: Birthday edition

I thought I should do more outfit posts so here is one. I still have to work out the whole camera situation (I desperately need a tripod) but here you go. Below is what I wore on my birthday and a little bit about what I did to celebrate.

My birthday was last Saturday the 6th but I didn’t have anything planned. Saturday is really the only day I have to run errands, so I took that day to finally get my taxes done with my mom (I think I am going to move to Canada). Since I thought it was going to be a pretty casual day, I just put on a comfy sweater and infinity scarf with my favorite jeans from Alloy (I’m really hoping that they get them back in gray) and my gray low-top Chucks.


We had in-between weather that day. It wasn’t that warm but it wasn’t cold enough to really wear a jacket either. The scarf and sweater was a great combo. The sweater is tall-sized so it is long in the sleeves and torso. Both the scarf and sweater are soft and comfy. And the sweater is not completely gray, it is speckled with neon yellow, orange and pink dots of fabric. You can see them slightly in the pic below. To complete the outfit, I wore my new favorite watch from Target (it matches the neon dots and I got it on sale! $9!) and the bracelet I’ve had for years.


Gray Tab Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater from Old Navy. Women’s Striped Infinity Scarf from Old Navy. Piper’s Closet Double Button Skinny Jeans from Alloy. Earrings and Watch from Target.

After taxes (seriously, I’m going to Canada) we went shopping at Payless. I got these and these. Payless is having a BOGO sale now so I got a great deal on them.

Then I had a meeting at a friend’s house and she surprised me with a strawberry shortcake and balloons courtesy of Mom (I still don’t get how she managed that without me knowing). And on a whim, my friend took me to a free Mali Music concert which was AMAZING! I don’t go out much but it was fun to spend time with friends. I didn’t get home until 2 AM and still had to go to church at 10 but I had a good time.

Until next time,


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