Yoga Skinny Jeans from Method Boutique: Review


Forgive the little hanger things on the sweater. They would not stay tucked in! Grr!

I first heard about Method Boutique from Holli’s The Tall Blog FB page. I found out later though that it was originally Long Legs. I saw that they were having a sale and i jumped on the chance to buy. I ordered the “Carbon Skinny Leg Denim” originally $138.50 marked down to $69. They are dark gray mid rise skinny jeans from the Second Yoga Jeans line. They are a 38″ inseam and after a minor hiccup with the wrong size, I finally settled on a size 33.

The label that comes with the jeans boasts that Yoga Jeans combines “the true comfort and flexibility of a yoga garment with a trendy five pocket design…Yoga Jeans hug your curves and keep you comfortable and keep you comfortable in any position. Our revolutionary treatment allows Yoga jeans to contour and lengthen your body while keeping you comfortable and feeling sexy throughout the day.”

Overall, I really like these jeans. I wouldn’t want to do yoga in them, but they are comfortable to wear all day. They are super stretchy (though I had to do some extra stretching to get them up my thunder thighs. lol) and are not too tight and constricting like some skinny jeans are. And like I said, they are mid-rise so there was no unfortunate roll of belly fat hanging over my jeans.


Close up

Now to the downside. The side pockets are not functioning, which is odd, but the fifth pocket and back pockets are. I guess the side pockets are sewn up so as not to mess up the silhouette of the jean? (I don’t know. That is the only thing I could think of.)

Now the major issues I ran into may not necessarily be Method’s fault, they are just the cost of buying something from an international company I guess, but I wanted to be honest about the problems I came across. The jeans when I bought them were marked down to 69 Canadian dollars and with shipping, international charges and the exchange rate, the total came to about 100 U.S. dollars. Not that bad but then I had an issue with my card. It wouldn’t work because I was buying something from an international company. A quick call to the bank to set up a “travel exclusion” on my card solved the problem.


Unfortunately, the first size I bought (a 32), was too small so I had to exchange it. But I had to pay to return them to Method AND pay for them to ship a new pair back to me. The charges were racking up like nobody’s business. Now imagine if I bought these at regular price… But I do want to give a shoutout to Linda from Method’s customer service who helped me along the way. She was always kind and helpful and quick to call me if there were any issues. Kudos to her.

I also have to comment on the length of time it took for the jeans to get here. I first ordered the jeans about mid-March and the size 33’s just got here this past Thursday which was April 11. But I understand that it takes time to ship from Canada and because I had to exchange, it took twice as long.

With all that said, I’m not sure if I would want to order again from them. Not because the product is not good. The product is great and they have such a great, wide selection of jeans, blazers, pants, shirts etc but I’m not sure if I want to go through it again. If I do order from them, I would have to set up the travel exclusion at the bank and make sure that I choose the right size first to prevent additional charges and that is a bit of a hassle for me.

This is purely my opinion. I highly recommend Method Boutique for the product not so much for the process. Try it out for yourself, it could be different for you. It is very possible that you can order with no problems.


Now on to the outfit. I really love the sweater. It is a boxy, cropped cardigan I got on sale from Forever 21. I have a long black tank (from Target or maybe Macy’s) on underneath so as not to show my goodies. I rolled up the long hems of my new Yoga jeans and wore my Camile Bow flast from Payless but I think this outfit would also look great with my India wedges from Barefoot Tess. I have on my new watch that matches perfectly with the neon yellow stripes of the sweater.

Until next time,


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