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You can get anything online now; clothes, shoes, cars and as I have recently discovered, prescription eyeglasses! There are a number of online glasses retailers that have cropped up, one of which being Warby Parker. Warby Parker is an online store that sells vintage inspired prescription and non-prescription eyeglass frames. I love their frames and features and really would like to give Warby Parker a try.

My first pair of glasses. My mom picked them out. I was ahead of my time...

My first pair of glasses. My mom picked them out. I was ahead of my time…

I’ve had to wear prescription glasses since I was 9 (astigmatism), so I have spent considerable time (and not to mention money; my parent’s money at least) in various optical centers getting eye exams and choosing frames from a limited selection of trendy styles, then having to wait 2 weeks and then go back to said center. I am kinda tired of that whole process. I want to take advantage of the convenience that the Internet provides. With online stores like Warby Parker, all I have to do is choose my frame and fill in my prescription and Pupillary Distance number (don’t know your PD? You can measure it yourself here) and my glasses are on their way.

Warby Parker Winter 2013 Collection

Warby Parker Winter 2013 Collection

A little bit about Warby Parker frames. Their frames are made from custom cellulose acetate (more durable and flexible than plastic) and ion-plated titanium produced specifically for Warby Parker. Their lenses are anti-reflective, (non glare) anti-scratch polycarbonate. And all of this is included at no extra cost to you. That is one of my major gripes with my glasses in the past is the glare especially in photos. Warby Parker also has high index lenses (for prescriptions with a sphere greater than +4.00 or less than -4.00) for an additional $30. Unfortunately they do not provide bifocal, trifocal or progressive lenses.

Lyle in English Oak

Lyle in English Oak – WP Winter 2013

Frames start at $95 for both prescription and non-prescription lenses. I have to say I don’t get the whole personality glasses i.e. wearing glasses without prescriptions trend. It was a big trend when I was younger I don’t know why it is popular again. But I digress…at first $95 seemed like a pretty steep cost to me but you can pay much more than that in a traditional store and you get some pretty cool features with Warby Parker frames. And with Warby Parker you take the guesswork out of buying glasses online with using their virtual try-on feature and you can also use their try-at-home feature where you can choose 5 frames that you like and they will send them to you to try on for FREE. On top of that, they offer free shipping in the contiguous US.

Warby Parker also sells prescription sunglasses which I much appreciate. In the 16 years that I have had to wear glasses, I have never had a pair of sunglasses. I refuse to wear contacts (yeah, put the glass in your eye, it won’t hurt) and since I don’t want to wear sunglasses and not be able to see, I don’t own a pair of sunglasses. So I think the first thing on my to-do list is get a pair of sunglasses from Warby Parker. Their prescription sunglasses start at $150.

Durand in Saddle Russet

Durand in Saddle Russet- WP Winter 2013

Warby Parker allowed me to see a sneak peek of their Winter Collection AND let me share it with all of you. Warby Parker describes their new collection as “rustic meets modern”. The collection features six new shapes in five new colors. The colors and patterns are pretty funky. They include tortoise, whiskey tortoise, greystone and sage. Basically a lot of warm colors: browns, reds and oranges. I definitely get where the “rustic” comes in. Very reminiscent of colors found in nature; leaves in the Fall, the Winter sky at dusk, stones and other foliage. Perfect for the person who is trying to jazz up their basic glasses. If you have to wear glasses, you might as well be different and show off a little of your personality, right?

Langhorne in Striped Evergreen

Langhorne in Striped Evergreen- WP Winter 2013

I personally am more of a plain black frame kinda girl but I like the whole overall shapes of these frames. The shapes include: Nash, Durand, Watts, Lyle and Langhorne.  If you are more into bold, square frames try the Nash or Chamberlain. Prefer soft, rounder frames? Try the Watts or Lyle. This collection has a little something for everyone.

Nash in Whiskey Tortoise

Nash in Whiskey Tortoise- WP Winter 2013

I think my favorite shape is the Nash or maybe even the Durand but again, I would probably prefer an all black color. I know, I’m boring. But then again the Nash in Whiskey Tortoise is starting to grow on me. Hmmm…

Watts in grey newsprint

Watts in Newsprint Grey- WP Winter 2013

Check out Warby Parker’s frames here. When I do get my first pair of sunglasses from Warby Parker I will be sure to share my experience here. It will be a momentous occasion.

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