LTS Holiday dresses: Winter 2013

Long Tall Sally sent me 2 of their new dresses from their winter collection to review here on the blog. Thanks LTS!

I received the Embossed Baroque Dress and the Lace Insert Tea Dress both in a US size 12. Both come is sizes 6-18. Is it weird that both dresses are teal? What can I say, teal is one of my favorite colors.

lace tea dress

If you have been reading my posts for a while, you would know I love lace anything (tastefully done, of course). Probably because of my antique/vintage sensibilities. So I was immediately drawn to this dress. It is a beautiful teal wrap dress with 3/4 length sleeves with lace on the neckline and a lace panel on the back.

Just a fair warning, the wrap of the dress is a little cleavage-baring. If you are a little uncomfortable showing that much skin, I would suggest a camisole to cover the goodies but a lacy one so that it looks like it belongs with the dress. You also might want to wear a strapless bra so you can’t see your straps through the lace.

The wrap is very flattering to my midsection which is a major plus for me. The dress is listed as being 45″ long and it falls just past my knees. It has a A-line skirt that has a great “swishability” which I like. I feel like I should be a dancer when I wear this dress. The fabric is stretchy and it is not too tight. The dress also comes with a waist tie. In the pics, I think I have the tie backwards but I like it better with the bow in the back instead of the front.


The Embossed Baroque dress is just what the name suggests. It is a teal, short sleeved ponte knee-length shift dress with an embossed baroque-like pattern. And I love the pattern of this dress. I like that the print is more tactile than your average printed dress. You can feel the ridges of the leaves and curlicues of the pattern. It’s kinda cool. The non-functioning zippers on the hips add a modern touch and I think the fact that the pattern is raised updates it a bit as well.

Close up

Close up

The fit of the dress is great. The material has nice stretch but it is not too tight which is a relief for my bottom section. It is very comfortable to wear all day. One of the things I don’t like is that it doesn’t fit well around my waist. It is not a deal breaker, I just wish it fit a little better. But that seems to be my issue with most dresses, jeans and the like.

The length of the dress hits right at knees which is great. I am so tired of seeing all this mini-dresses everywhere. What I also like about this dress is the sleeves. I like the fact that it even has sleeves. I don’t know why there are so many sleeveless dresses out now especially now that it is almost winter. What I also like is that the sleeves are not too tight or constricting. I don’t consider my arms to be that big. I’m not muscle-bound by any means. So why is it that some dresses, shirts, jackets; the sleeves are too tight? I noticed that the dress rides up a little when you sit or walk. That is probably due  to the stretch. Not entirely uncommon. Not a big deal.

Both of these dresses would be great to wear to the holiday parties that are fast approaching. Classy and sophisticated. You are sure to get a ton of compliments wearing either of these dresses.



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