Massive First Haul of 2014

I’ve been behind on sharing my hauls so I figured I would combine them all into one post. This haul is a mix of stuff that I have bought starting with the after Christmas sales to now. I got stuff from ASOS, Modcloth, Torrid.



Like I’ve said before, now that I know how Torrid’s shoes fit, it is definitely on my list of go to’s. I have had my eye on their High Top wedge sneakers and when I saw that they were having a BOGO 50% off sale, I had to get them. But they didn’t have a size 13 left, so I took a chance with 12W. It turned out pretty well. The only thing is that the shoe is a little tight at the big toe of my left foot which is kinda expected since that foot is slightly bigger my right. The toe of the wedge is an almond shape. I think I would like a rounder toe better but I’m fine with the way it is. The color is gorgeous. It is not my usual color especially for sneakers and I love it.  The heel is 3″ wedge not too high as “puffy” as my ones from BFT. I also like the mix of the faux leather and suede.

My second item for the BOGO was a pair of Spanx. But just my luck, the time I finally get some Spanx is when all the news media reports that Spanx are not good for you. Now that I have them, I can see both sides of the debate. They are great for smoothing out all the lumps and bumps especially in my lower half and makes the snug fitting dresses and skirts go on a bit easier. But they definitely squeeze you in so I can see that with extended use, you might be doing some damage to your internal organs. Since I don’t foresee me wearing them all day nor for any number of consecutive days in a row, I should be fine.

I ordered a size E. That was my best guess since my height was not on the sizing chart (surprise, surprise). The fit is not too tight to the point that I can’t breathe or I get any numbness in my limbs. It does take a bit of effort to squeeze them on but I assume that is the way they are supposed to be.


dressI ordered the ASOS Bardot Belted Pencil Dress in a Teal in size 14. This was one of the dresses that was a little too snug that benefitted from me wearing Spanx underneath. I ordered this dress because I loved the mesh and sweetheart neckline. I also liked the gold accent belt. I seem to be getting a lot of teal dresses lately. Is teal is the new black? Anyway, this dress is on sale now and comes in black and red. I would probably need to wear a strapless, backless bra when wearing this dress because the back is sheer and is cut pretty low. The other thing that is wrong with the fit other than the snugness in the hips is the extra fabric in the back above my bum. This happens often when it comes to fit in dresses because my waist is a lot smaller than my hips. I can just get over it or get the dress altered. No big deal.


I also got the Bengaline Pencil skirt in Black. It is a plain high-waist pencil skirt. I ordered it in a 14. It also is slightly snug. But I like that unlike the rest of my pencil skirts, there is no gap in my waist. I also like the length of it. Very chic and classy.


I needed more tops and Modcloth was offering a discount so I went for it. I got four tops: the Inspiring Poetry Top in Jade in a size L, Bonfire Stories Tunic in Red Plaid in a size XL, The Drape Pretender in size L and Sooner or Layer Top in size L.

poetry topI think the inspiring poetry top is my favorite out the bunch. I love how the top is so light and flowy and the pleating on the back is a nice touch. I like how the breeze catches the back while I walk. I am really taking this hi-lo hemline trend and running with it. It is perfect for big-bummed girls like me. The green and gold combo is gorgeous. Unfortunately they are sold out of the green but the burgundy is still available. I’ve worn this most recently with the bengaline skirt.


Forgive the wrinkles…

I am really looking forward to wearing the Sooner or Layer tank this spring and summer. It will go great with some shorts or skinny jeans. It is a light and breezy hi-lo racerback top and I got it in my favorite color: gray. I would suggest you wear another tank underneath because the arm holes are cut a little low.


Plaid is pretty popular print now (what alliteration!) so I figured I’d try my hand it with this top. I loved the red, navy and cream color combo and I liked the length of it. I ordered an XL just because it was available and to make sure it fit, but I really didn’t need too since it is slightly too big. It adds to the comfort I guess. It is made out of a flannel like material so it helps with keeping me warm.

black top

I guess I was trying to branch out, so I ordered this drapey top and now I am not sure why I did. I guess I liked how it looked on the website but it really didn’t look the same on me. I think it is because it is a little too small for me but there was no XL, so now I am going to figure out how to wear this shirt.

That’s all for now. I also got a bunch of jewelry. If you all want me to share that stuff, let me know. I also just got some more shoes from Barefoot Tess ( I know I don’t need any more shoes but they were having a 50% off BFT brand sale and I had to. And now for one day only, they have upped it to 65% off. Use code SAYWHAT) so I will be sharing those shortly.



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