Radio Silence

I realized that it has been over a month since my last post. And I feel I owe you all some explanation. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon; the blog is not going anywhere, I just have to get some things in order first. I can’t tell all right now but I have to say I am really excited for this next move in my life. Once everything is settled, and I have the time again to post, I will be back.

I am working on some really exciting projects with my graphic design business and I also plan to revamp the blog, migrating it to in an attempt to make the blog prettier and more user friendly. A few people responded on the survey that the blog was hard to navigate so I will work to fix that. Expect the site to go down while I start the migration process but I will be sure to let you all know ahead of time when exactly that will be.

Anything you want me to know before I start reconstructing speak now or forever hold your peace. Any topics you want to discuss let me know. Anything we want me to make sure I keep/throw away, let me know.

I thank you to all who are still reading and for your patience during this transition in my life.
So I will be back soon (in about 2 weeks *hint hint*). In the meantime, you can still find me on Instagram and Pinterest.


See you soon,

elayna name


2 responses to “Radio Silence

  1. You already know the posts I love! I had an idea the other day that I was gonna contact you about, but I can’t remember it now. #imgettingold Anyway, I hope everything is going good for you and I’m looking forward to hearing the good news.


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