Why hello there! Long time, no talk to. I hinted in my last post that there were changes in my personal life in my last post. Well, the thing is, I quit my job. Aahhhh! Yes! I have resigned so that I can focus on my graphic design business as well as writing for this blog. I am so super duper excited. There are not enough words to describe this feeling.

I have been contemplating this move for a long time. Frankly, I was not happy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the company I worked for and the work that they produce. And I love my coworkers, but I was miserable. I would come home crying and frustrated and one night I decided, enough was enough. I had been there 3 years including an internship and the work had become routine. But I was too afraid to make a move. On one end I thought, how amazing it would be to work for myself. To actually be creative and to work from the comfort of my home (homebodies untie!) But on the other, it’s like you have no idea what’s out there. Freelance designing, especially starting out is not always a consistent source of income. How can you possibly support yourself? I was doubting what I knew I needed to do. Second guessing myself. I’ve said here before how much of an over analyzer I am and I was doing just that. I was letting fear take over and that is not of God.

But I heard a message in church one day about 2-3 months ago and it was the beginning of the shift. The name of the message was “Get Out the Boat”. It was about the story of Peter walking on water. I am not a theologian, and I won’t preach at you but I’ll sum it up. Peter and the disciples were on a boat early in the morning and they saw Jesus walking on the water. Peter asked if he could come out and Jesus said yes. He started walking, but the wind and the waves picked up and he began to fear. Peter started to sink and Jesus had to save him. Peter was the only one brave enough to step out and he walked on water.

Shortly thereafter, I went to my friend, Kevin LeVar’s cd launch concert where he performed his song called “Get Out the Boat” and it definitely spoke to me.  “Get out the boat like Peter, walk on water. Take that step of faith; God’s got you. Don’t you doubt and don’t your fear. But even if you stumble the Lord will be there.” Oh man! I had to make a move after hearing all that.

All it takes is a step. I was stuck in a place for so long because I was too afraid to get out my box; out of my boat. I was safe in my comfort zone, but I was dying. I knew I was not where I was supposed to be, and after I got that word, I knew it was time to move.

It has been about a week since my last day on the job and I have to say, things are going really well. I have a few projects lined up including a book cover for my sister’s book. Actually, I designed 2 covers, and she is having trouble deciding which to choose. Help by going here and cast your vote. I also made the graphics for TTYA’s new website.


But I want to use this time of relative quiet to redo my portfolio website as well as this one. I want to switch over to for both of them and it is probably going to take some time to get everything set up. I will probably do my portfolio first. I hope to have both done by the end of October. I hope that what I am doing on the backend here on The Junoesque will not affect what you see nor affect the people who have already subscribed here.

I am super excited for this next phase of my life. I am looking forward to doing things I’ve never done before, to learn more and to enjoy my life. Here’s to taking leaps of faith and getting out that boat!


Until next time,

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