Long Tall Sally Holiday Collection

IMG_3253**Hey! Long time no see! A lot has happened since I talked to you last. Firstly, I finished the redesign of my website! You can check it out here. I also opened up my own Etsy shop! I am going to be selling prints of my artwork as well as branding packages. I am also taking custom orders. If you need a custom illustration, flyers, wedding invitations, anything, feel free to contact me.**

Long Tall Sally sent me a few pieces from their newest collection to review and look at me actually sharing them with you on time! There are so many things I have bought in the last 6 months that I kept dragging my feet on sharing, namely a swimsuitsforall bathing suit. So bad I know. Let me know if you still want me to share it with you all.

Anyways, the collection features glam, sparkly tops, dresses and skirts for those holiday parties but also cozy and warm sweaters, leggings and coats for that winter chill.

I got the Leather Look Legging in a size M and the Calvary Twill Pea Coat in the color Navy and a size 14.


I love the look of the Navy Calvary Twill Coat. I like the mix of the gold military buttons with the navy color. It has an English naval feel about it. I like it a lot.The sleeves are long enough; they hit right below the wrists. The length of the coat is also nice; it hits right below the bum. The coat looks a little big on me, but I am not sure that a 12 would fit any better. Especially if I was wearing a sweater underneath. I think this coat is perfect for the fall or in areas that don’t get that cold. For 2 reasons: the pockets are not functional so you can’t put your hands in them if they are cold and the low v-neck collar will not protect you from blistery cold winds. But I would say that pea coats in general are more for fashion than function anyway.


The leather look leggings are just what their name suggests. They are surprisingly comfy, shiny and a nice departure from the basic black. Honestly, I think my legs look like shiny, plastic sausages in these but that is just my overly critical side showing (artists, right?). Contrary to what they may look like on me, they are not tight at all and I can move pretty easily in them. Medium is the perfect size for me. But I have to say, they are pretty loose in the front. That is easily hidden with a tunic or sweater dress though.

I hope you enjoyed the review.

Until next time,

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