Birthday Haul pt 2-Modcloth, Old Navy and The Gap

Welcome to part 2 of the massive amount of stuff I bought for my birthday. Aren’t birthdays awesome? They give you an excuse to buy stuff for yourself. Woo!

So the weather is warming up (Hallelujah) so I figured I needed to update my spring wardrobe. Especially shorts. I have a supreme lack of good shorts in my collection, one of which is a pair of cutoff capri type things. It’s pretty sad. So anyway…on to the haul!

Let’s start with Modcloth. Have I mentioned on here before how much I love Modcloth? Well I do. I love Modcloth. I love the vintage and unique things you can buy there. But Modcloth can be pretty expensive, so I tend to space out my purchases. But when I got the email about the 20% off promotion they were doing last week, I jumped at the chance to buy. I got: Home is Where the Helm is Sweater, Record Swap top, A Crush on Casual Top in Grey, Fur Sighted Top in V-neck and  Working for the Weekdays Top in Navy Dots. The Home is Where the Helm is sweater, Record Swap top and A Crush on Casual top, I ordered in a L. The Fur sighted top and Working for the Weekdays top I got in an XL.

spot blouse

The Working for the Weekdays Top is a gorgeous navy blue with cream colored polka dots. It is peplum-ish because it flares out a bit at the waist. It is kinda hi-lo hem with it being longer in the front and back and shorter on the sides. I love those type of hems. I think they are really sexy for some reason.

It is a really comfortable top and it has an elastic waist. Elastic waists are always good. I have a bit of extra room in the chest, but it’s really not a big deal. I also like the button detail on the back. It is very cute.

Currently, there are limited sizes left. The top goes up to a 4x, but there are no L-2x right now. Though it is a little roomy in the chest like I said, I am glad I went with the XL. Because Modcloth is not specifically for tall women, I always pay close attention to the length of each item I like before I buy. I noticed when I was considering this top that the XL had a length of 29″ and the L was 26.5″. 26.5″ is a pretty good length for me, but the longer the better in my opinion. But I also noted Modcloth’s warning that this top ran large from size XL and up. I decided to go with a slightly bigger top so that I could have the length and I’m glad I did. Other than the very slight looseness in the chest, the fit and length are perfect.

This is a more blouse-y top but I feel it can be worn dressier with a skirt or dress pants or with jeans. I make it a habit to buy pieces that have a bit of versatility.


I have had my eye on the Fur Sighted Top for a while. Obviously I have a thing for animals wearing glasses. They’re so cute I can’t help it! But I digress. I love the bright yellow color, especially against the red of the glasses. I also like how the picture of the cat looks like a sketch. I love stuff like that.

This tee comes in sizes S-XL. Modcloth’s fit note says this tee runs true to size but it seems a little tight to me. I don’t know why I expected it to fit a bit looser. But oh well, I still plan on wearing it often. I’m sure the L would have been way too tight. The length is 27.5″ for the XL.

grey tee

A Crush on Casual Top is a loose, relaxed gray tee I bought so I can wear with leggings. It is very comfy and drapey and swingy I love it. Perfect for lazy days. The L is the largest size they had and unfortunately, the L is currently sold out. Boo. But like everything on Modcloth, you can always request to be notified when a specific item is restocked in your size. This top is 31.5″ long and it comes in a couple of other colors. You can check them out here.

Don't judge me for my lack of earring. I didn't realize that it fell off until after and didn't feel like taking it over.

Don’t judge me for my lack of earring. I didn’t realize that it fell off until after and didn’t feel like taking it over.

The Record Swap top is a hi-low hem button up top which I love. I bought to wear by itself or open with a white tee and jeans or shorts. I love the colors in the top like the reds and purples. Gorgeous. It is made of a soft, breathable fabric. Great for the warmer days. It comes in sizes S-L and it is a 28.5″ length for L.

I like the quarter length sleeves but you also have the option to roll them up and button it. I like the choice to be able to do either.


Home is Where the Helm is Sweater is a thin knit sweater, perfect for cool spring mornings because it is not as thick as winter sweaters. But still not too warm for when the weather gets hotter by the afternoon. One of the primary reasons I got this sweater was because of the pattern. I love the baroque print and the hint of the nautical with the ship steering wheels thrown in. I also love the color combo of the gray and the blue. Y’all know how much I love my gray and blue. This sweater also has pockets which admittedly are not super useful because of the placement and they are not very deep. I can maybe fit a stick of gum or an earring or something in them. But still a super cute sweater. Great with jeans and maybe even shorts.

The fit is nice. It is a little snug in the sleeves and loose fitting everywhere else. It comes in sizes S-L with a length of 26″ for the Large.

Now on to Old Navy and the Gap. They also had a promotion a while back; I think it was 30% off online so again I jumped at the opportunity. At Old Navy I got the Women’s Slub Knit Crew Pocket Tee in Rebellion Red in L Tall and the Women’s Soft Vintage Crew Neck Tee in Blue Typhoon in a size L Tall. At the Gap, I got the Boyfriend Roll up Shorts in Crystal Blue Dusk and Navy both in a 16 Tall.

Soft vintage tee in blue typhoon paired with the Boyfriend Roll Up shorts in Navy.

Soft vintage tee in blue typhoon paired with the Boyfriend Roll Up shorts in Navy.

The Soft Vintage Tee is just as the name suggests. It is a soft, comfy tee that has a worn in feel. Great for those casual days at the office or out and about with friends and family. You can wear it with jeans, shorts or even a skirt! Like I mentioned above it is tall sized so the length is perfect.

Unfortunately, sizes are running out in the blue, but it comes in a number of other colors including white, pink and gray. It goes up to a size 2XL and it is on sale for $8.50. But wait there’s more! Now with code ONSAVENOW you can get 15% off your purchase.

Crew Pocket Tee and shorts in Crystal Blue Dusk

Crew Pocket Tee and shorts in Crystal Blue Dusk

The Slub Knit Crew Pocket Tee is another casual tee for when you want to be comfortable but still cute. It comes in a number of colors including yellow, teal, beige and navy and goes up to a size 2XL. It is also tall-sized and is the perfect length for my tall frame.

Vintage Tee and Boyfriend Shorts

Vintage Tee and Boyfriend Shorts

I love everything in this haul but I think the Boyfriend Roll up shorts are one of my favorites. I’ve had my eye on them for a while but couldn’t work up the nerve to get them because when I first saw them it was winter and it felt weird to me to buy shorts in the winter. Also because I wasn’t sure what size to get. I have never shopped at the Gap before so I had nothing to use as a reference.

Crew Pocket Tee and Boyfriend Shorts in Crystal Blue Dusk (basically gray)

Crew Pocket Tee and Boyfriend Shorts

At first I was thinking a 14 because that is usually a safe bet. But I was looking at their size chart and saw I might be pushing the 14. And then I read a lot of other reviews of these shorts saying that they run big, suggesting that you size down. What to do? What to do? Ah, The perils of online shopping. Ultimately, I decided on a 16 Tall just to make sure. And I am glad I did.

They are not too tight and yes, they are too big in the waist but I have come to realize that I would much rather have it too big in the waist and a good fit in my thighs than a good fit in the waist and way too tight in the thighs. (Actually, if they fit me well in the waist, then I wouldn’t be able to get them over my thighs. Oh well, you know what I mean.) Now I haven’t had a chance to wear them out yet because it is not that warm, but so far, so good.

The Boyfriend roll up Shorts go from sizes 00 to a 20 and come in a variety of colors like coral, khaki and olive green. Unrolled, the inseam of these shorts is 11″. Finally I have some shorts that fit well and can be dressed up or down.

That’s it for part two of my Birthday haul. The last part will be ASOS pt 2 and Alloy. Stay tuned for that.

Peace out,


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