The Tallest Virgin in the World TV Show Review

Did you see The Tallest Virgin in the World on Lifetime last night? It is a reality show featuring Alicia Jay from TallSwag that chronicles her quest to find “the one” to give her virginity to before her next birthday. Last night was the pilot episode and in it she travels to DC and visits Talltique and meets Helen the owner and Sydney her best friend. They go to various places together and the cameras follow to see how people react to tall women especially when all three of them, who are 6’6″, 6’4″ and 6’6″ respectively walk into a room together and Alicia’s experiences trying to find love.

She has a number of humorous encounters with potential suitors. Her goal, she said, is to date outside her comfort zone which includes much shorter men in order to possibly find “the one”.

Overall I really liked the show. I like how there is a tall woman on tv and people get to see how it is not so easy to be so different. I love seeing someone like me (in more ways than one) on TV.

There were a lot of relatable moments in the show. Like when she is in the shop with her friend trying on clothes and how a dress can be knee length on her friend, but barely cover Alicia’s behind. Or the part when she was at the bar with Helen and Sydney and the shortest guy in the group comes up to talk to her. That spoke to me. I’m sitting up in bed, like this is my life!

I do have to admit that I found it a bit awkward that Alicia would tell people she just met that she was a virgin. I’m not sure if that was a decision by the producers for her to drop that into conversation since that is the name of the show or maybe it was just how the show was edited. Not to say that you should be ashamed to say that you are a virgin. I mean I am one too but that fact doesn’t really come up in normal conversation. And people would always seem taken aback when she told them. I’m not sure that people’s reaction to her revelation was because that is just awkward small talk conversation or is being a virgin in this day and age so shocking? If it’s the latter, I think that it is a little sad. Why is it weird to value your body enough to say I’m not going to give myself away to just anybody; I am going to wait until I get married. Nonetheless, I find it admirable, that Alicia is so open and forthright about her decision to wait.

My mother was always very real with my sister and I growing up about the subject of virginity. She said yes, it is better to wait but she knows things happen. She told us that if you are going to have sex, always use protection and to above all be very careful about who you lay down with because this man could be the father of your children and then you are stuck with him because he is always going to be in your child’s life. That is what has stuck with me: choose wisely.

Like I said before, I really like the show. But seeing as this was just the pilot, I am not sure if the show will get picked up and be a recurring show. I hope so. And I hope that she is successful in finding the man that is meant for her.



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6 responses to “The Tallest Virgin in the World TV Show Review

  1. Thanks for this recap! I’m still trying to figure out how I can watch it and have been dying of curiosity. Between your write-up and The Tall Muse’s recap, my curiosity has been satisfied a bit. 🙂 I do hope it gets picked up for a full season.


  2. Nice perspective Elayna! And yep, 33 year old virgins are shicking in today’s sex driven society. Plus it makes for a great conversation starter. Hope the show gets picked up. We need more representation on tv.


    • Thanks Muse! You’re right everything is about sex now. It’s everywhere. And the movies and tv teach you that you have to lose your virginity in high school, or you’re weird.

      Me too. Maybe when people see how rude it is to stare at Alicia they’ll stop staring at the rest of us…


  3. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the show; however, based on the reviews it felt like I was right there watching it with you all. Seems as if there were some awkward moments but maybe they will find their way


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